Scene 6

(Another part of the forest. Enter Ravana with Sita. He puts her down.)

SITA: You tempted me! You deceived me! You have now paved the way for your destruction! When Rama and Lakshmana come back and don’t see me, they will search for me and discover what you have done. Today’s crime marks the beginning of your death.

RAVANA: Threaten as much as you want to. Do you know that the sun subdues its scorching rays the moment I face it? The rivers suspend their flow the moment I stand in front of them. The forest foliage ceases to wave the moment I glance at it. Before me, your Rama is smaller than a puny insect.

SITA: You wretch, you rogue, you brute! What else can I expect from a rakshasa? Death is the only punishment you deserve, you braggart, and you will get it very soon. In your destruction the world will have a new life, a life of aspiration and perfection.

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973