Scene 7

(In the forest where Rama has wounded the deer. Enter Lakshmana.)

RAMA: Lakshmana, are you here? Who is looking after Sita?

LAKSHMANA (falls at the feet of Rama): Brother, what could I do? She forced me to come here. I told her repeatedly that you were not in danger, that Maricha was imitating your voice, but she would not believe me. She insulted me so badly, she scolded me so badly. You can’t imagine the words she used. She literally forced me to come to you. The last thing she said was that she would throw herself into the River Godavari if I did not come to save you, so I came.

RAMA: Lakshmana, you did the right thing.

LAKSHMANA: I have listened to her and not to you, Brother. Now we may not see our dearest Sita again.

RAMA: I also fear the same.

LAKSHMANA: How hard it is to please two masters. I wanted to please you, I wanted to do everything for you. But when she insulted and scolded me and finally alarmed me by saying she would throw herself into the River Godavari, I was helpless. I came. Now let us hurry back to her.

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973