The car thieves1

How much can happen in one day! I crossed Main Street and I was coming towards Queens Boulevard. When I came to my 1500-metre mark, I saw a tall, young man and a girl near one of the cars up ahead. All of a sudden, they left that car and went to the next car right in front of that one. Perhaps they were opening the car. Then I started walking a little faster towards them and the girl ran away in the direction of the side road that goes to Union Turnpike. So I suspected something.

When I came near the man, I said, "What are you doing?"

The man repeated, "What am I doing?"

He had something with him, an iron instrument. He immediately put his hand inside his pocket and brought out a cigarette. He said, "Man, can you give me a match?"

I said, "You are planning to break into this car. I am going to bring my students to thrash you."

He said, "No!"

Then I said, "I am going to this house to inform them."

He looked at me and I looked at him. Then he said, "Damn you!" He did not break into the car. He just went away. I saw the number of the plate on the small grey car — LOX 118. When I saw that this fellow had left, I continued walking.

  1. RB 1035. 9 July 1988