"Lord Jesus, save me!"1

My walking experiences were not yet over. I continued to my mile and a half mark. I was walking slowly, since I can barely walk. I reached the mark and I was returning the same way. When I had gone another 100 metres, an old, black man with short, grey hair came from behind me and passed me. He was carrying newspapers. He was about thirty metres ahead of me when, all of a sudden, he stopped. When I came near him, he asked, "What is the matter with you? You cannot walk."

I said, "I have a very bad knee injury. That is why I cannot walk." I placed my hand on my right knee.

The old man was very sympathetic. He said, "Let me accompany you." So we started walking together. At first he was walking fast, but when he saw that I was struggling, he slowed down to accompany me. I gave him a smile.

He started saying, "Lord Jesus, save me! Lord Jesus, cure me!" Then he said, "Now say this with me." So I joined him. Nobody was there to hear us.

He started accompanying me at my one mile plus 600-metre mark. At the 300-metre mark, he started chanting out loud. Both of us were saying, "Lord Jesus, save me! Lord Jesus, cure me!" together. When we came to the one mile and 100-metre mark, he turned down the side street going towards Union Turnpike, near the Motor Inn. I thanked him profusely. He was such a simple man, with such faith in Jesus. But Lord Jesus did not listen to my prayer.

So all these things happened in one day.

  1. RB 1036. 9 July 1988