The intelligent crew8

A few months ago, I asked four or five members of my road crew to watch the side streets while I ran down the 150th Street hill. Each time I ran down the hill, Sanatan drove behind me in his car. Then he would bring me back up the hill. So Sanatan I can’t blame. But the other members of my crew are such good, intelligent people — so full of wisdom! If it is a one-way street, the cars will only come from one side. But our boys stood on the other side instead. That is how they were guarding me! That night they were all idiots!

What was worse, Peter and Danny were supposed to take movies. Danny came late, so it was not his fault. Peter was using Ranjana’s movie camera, but whenever I came near him, he was in some other world. He was talking to someone. Even when I screamed, he did not hear me. Finally, he started taking movies.

Peter’s stupidity never ends. I was running in the left lane. He also should have been on the left side, so that the cars wouldn’t obstruct his view. But he was in the wrong place. Each time I came by him, a car was also passing, so he could not shoot the movie. Once, twice, thrice I went by; but Peter wouldn’t come to the other side to take my picture. My photographers are so brilliant!

RB 192. 9 August 1980