The flying glass9

It is so unsafe to run — no matter which hour of the day or night you go out! Right after midnight I was going down the 150th Street hill. Three Puerto Ricans were in a car enjoying their music, making unbearable noise. That was not enough! One of them had to throw a large piece of glass at me. I was going very fast down the hill and did not really see what was happening. The glass fell and broke only two or three metres ahead of me. I saw something coming, but luckily it didn’t strike me.

Then I was brave enough to go near them and ask, “What are you doing?” I was very serious. They all became like the silent Brahma.

Members of my road crew were so useless. Eight or nine boys from the crew were there, and there were also two or three girls watching. Everyone was standing on the top of the hill. The girls are not to be blamed, but I started barking at the boys: “Idiots! You people all stand there, but no one is at the bottom of the hill.” So some of them went to the bottom of the hill, and some stayed at the top.

I said to Peter, “How is it that you didn’t go there before?” Peter had the ready-made answer: “We were watching the girls. I had to take care of the girls.”

RB 193. 9 August 1980