Lost and found41

Another day I went out to run for two hours. After I ran for about an hour and forty minutes, I got totally lost. It was raining. I said, “O God, where do I go? I don’t have any money.” Luckily, I remembered the apartment number and, with greatest difficulty, I even remembered the name of the street — Las Olas. I said, “This is the time for me to look for a taxi.”

I asked a lady where Las Olas Street was. I had to listen for at least five minutes while she explained which road to take and where I should turn. I didn’t understand her in spite of her five-minute explanation. I said, “All right, let me take this street.”

Then whom did I see running down the street? Savyasachi! I said, “How can it be?” I had run six or seven miles. He was staying only one mile away from where I had stopped running. He had just gone out for a short run, and he got great joy when he saw me. Then we ran together.

When I play tennis with Savyasachi, his standard always makes me laugh — not only inwardly but also outwardly. But when he runs with me, I feel that inwardly he is laughing at my standard.

RB 276. 21 March 1981