The boxer2

This afternoon I walked five miles and then I ran another three.

My five-mile walk was real fun! Databir was sleeping like anything in the car. But Vinaya was so good; he watched me every step of the way with his eyes wide open.

Baoul was driving. I was walking at random, looking for two-way streets so Baoul could drive alongside me. I had to always think of Baoul. I could walk anywhere, but driving was the problem.

We didn’t follow any of my regular running routes, so I didn’t know where the roads would lead us. It turned out to be uphill most of the way. As you know, I hate hill work. I was wearing six-pound weights on each leg. This is the kind of thing that boxers do to build up their legs. So I am another boxer.

The other day I used two-pound weights on my legs, then three. Gradually I will make progress and go up to seven and a half pounds.

RB 392. 15 October 1981