The three-mile run3

After my walk, we drove to Flushing Meadow Park. I was going to run another three miles with the great runners Sushobhan, Databir, Pahar and Vinaya.

As we were driving to Flushing Meadow, the four boys ran while I watched from the car. Three of them were running at under a six-minute pace.

Databir has the tendency to race, and his first mile was a 5:42. Then, how he suffered! It was too much for him, so he entered into the car with me and did not get out again.

Vinaya was running even slower than a nine-minute pace. We were waiting for him to reach Flushing Meadow Park, but he was too slow. We had to go back to get him.

During our run together in Flushing Meadow, only Vinaya ran slower than I did. One person, at least, surrendered to me!

RB 393. 15 October 1981