100-mile-race experiences1

I was watching the 100-mile race at Shea Stadium when Cahit saw me. He walked to the sprinkler and washed his hands. Then he came over and shook hands with me and said, “Sri Chinmoy, it is so nice to see you here.” He was one of the runners, but he came to a complete stop and washed his hands so he could shake hands with me.

James and Arpan were running together. Both of them were in a very good consciousness, and they smiled at me very soulfully. Then Trishul passed by me, not even one foot away, almost dashing into me, but he did not even see me. Databir was forty metres away from me. He saw Databir and said, “Hi.” Then he saw me and stopped, smiled and folded his hands

When Nathan saw me, he said, “Sri, I have something to tell you. I am studying your books.”

  1. RB 754. 17 June 1983