The 100-mile race1

At the 100-mile race Arpan was so excited because he got number 27, which is the day of my birthday.

Nathan doesn’t like to talk to people when he is very exhausted. At 74 miles he said, “These people, what are they telling me? They should come and start a marathon in my state.” He had 26 miles left. But when he came near me, he smiled at me and his mood changed.

The great Stu Mittleman was hit by a bicycle at midnight. He was jolted. Of all people, he was the one who had to be attacked!

Seven women joined the race. Four finished. Many men also gave up. The runners had to have completed a 50-mile race before this.

They gave us a very big prize, a plate, because Arpan, James and Trishul won the 50-mile National Team Championship.

At six in the morning George Vallasi ran over to greet me. I was shivering. It was so cold, and Baoul didn’t have any jacket in his car. It was foggy and drizzling.

George told us that many excellent runners say that they used to dream night after night about baseball. But we have created so much interest in running that people are losing interest in baseball. Running is giving them so much joy that they are no longer interested in baseball.

  1. RB 755. 18 June 1983