A rainbow has seven colours. The seven colours are representative of the seven higher worlds. A rainbow signifies the happiness of the entire being. When we see a rainbow, immediately each part of our being gets joy. Even the muscles and the bones get joy, although we are not spiritually conscious of our muscles and bones. A rainbow is something that gives joy to each individual, right from the little boy to the octogenarian. Why? Because we all have an inner cry for the higher worlds. Some are conscious of this inner cry, while some are not. When we see a rainbow, immediately something within us, whether we are conscious of it or not, reminds us of the higher worlds and our own higher existence. A rainbow immediately takes us to the higher worlds. If we are conscious, we go consciously into the higher worlds.

The inner rainbow-beauty is reflected here on earth only in an infinitesimal way. The rainbow-beauty that we see with our human eyes is nothing in comparison to the beauty of the inner worlds. But again, from the finite we go to the Infinite. If we get a little joy from a tiny thing, then we can imagine how much more joy we will get from something that is larger than the largest.

A rainbow means happiness. The outer rainbow gives us happiness in a very small measure. But happiness we will get in infinite measure if we can enter into the higher worlds. A rainbow brings the beauty of the inner worlds to the outer world for us to appreciate, admire and adore.