Some people say that they must realise God first, and only then manifest God. But I say that God-aspiration, God-realisation and God-manifestation must go together. Let us concentrate on God-realisation and God-manifestation. In God-realisation there is God-aspiration. In God-manifestation there is also God-aspiration. God-realisation and God-manifestation are two hands. With one hand, how much can we lift? With one leg, can we walk? We can only hop. The two legs must go together. Similarly, God-realisation and God-manifestation must go together, the way God-aspiration and God-dedication must go together.

We need two arms. One is God-realisation and one is God-manifestation. Again, one is God-aspiration and one is God-dedication. We must have eagerness in both aspiration and dedication, in both realisation and manifestation. This moment I go to God, and I make myself happy. Again, I feel that God is also happy. But God says, “You have seen Me, and by seeing Me you have immediately made yourself happy. But you can make Me happy only if you serve somebody else. You are thinking of that person as somebody else — but like you, that person is also My creation. He is also My manifestation.”

The mind is telling me that that person is somebody else, but he is only an extension of God. God-realisation and God-manifestation are also only extensions of God. They are like two sides of the same coin. This side is God-realisation, and that side is God-manifestation. They have to go together. We cannot separate them.

The theory of first realising God and then manifesting God is absurd! That is an old theory. If I want to make myself happy, I want to realise God. But again, if I want to make God really happy, then I have to manifest Him. God is saying, “Go here, go there and spread My Light.” In that way, God-realisation and God-manifestation have to go together.