Eamonn Coghlan: Given an Olympic final, when ten competitors are lined up in the race, and all are 100 per cent physically fit and prepared, what does it take for one runner to win over the others?1

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose there are ten runners. They are all ready for the race and they have practically the same capacity. It is not just a matter of luck as to who wins. There are two ways to become the winner. One way is to concentrate on each runner and, like a magnet, draw into oneself the will-power that each one has. In that way, you empty the other runners of their will-power or life-energy. This is called sheer determination-power. The determination-lion devours the weaker animals.

The other way is to identify oneself with the sources of the fastest speed and endurance. Here one consciously becomes one with the higher realities that are invisible, yet infinitely faster and stronger than the outer realities or, let us say, outer capacities. If a runner is a conscious truth-seeker and God-lover, then he will adopt the inner way and not the outer way. The outer way is the way of the lion: roaring and devouring the rivals.

Sometimes inspiration, encouragement and determination can come not only from one's fans, but also from a departed soul. In your case, after your father left the body, on the one hand you were stricken with grief. On the other hand, you have to know that definitely his soul has considerably helped you to add substantially solid glory to your already immortal glory.

  1. RS 6. Eamonn Coghlan, nicknamed the 'Chairman of the Boards', held the world indoor best for the mile at 3:49 for many years. He won the prestigious Wannemaker Mile seven times at New York's Millrose Games. He placed fourth in the 1980 Olympics in 5,000m and fourth in the 1976 Olympics in 1,500m. In 1987 he won the World Championship 5,000m race in Rome. A crowd favourite in New York running circles, Eamonn once ran the New York Marathon to experience a long race with a lot of other people alongside. He still competes in Masters events.

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