Rabindranath Tagore: the moon of Bengal’s Heart

First published by Agni Press in 2011. Published on srichinmoylibrary.com with the permission of Sri Chinmoy. This is the 1593rd book written by Sri Chinmoy after he came to the West in 1964.

Table of Contents

Part One — Tributes in song

Part two — Rabindranath: the myriad-minded

Part three: Tagore and world figures

Part four — Reflections on Tagore

Part five — Stories[fn:: Sri Chinmoy was a wonderful storyteller who greatly enjoyed narrating stories about Indian luminaries. The following stories are drawn from Tagore's life. A number of them are recorded only in Bengali books about the poet, and Sri Chinmoy has re-created them in English for the first time. These stories offer a blend of enlightenment and entertainment._

Part six — Tagore's songs: translations and commentary

Part eight — Western musical notation for Sri Chinmoy's songs