Aurobindo in the Alipore Jail17

(May 1908)

"I am the Infinite,
Though lies my outer sheath
In the finite's hurtful clasp,
Pierced by the Dragon's teeth.

My deathless love for the clime
Of my cherished human birth
No soul can dare deny
Upon this sceptic earth.

O Jail of Alipore!
Your stupid torture stark
Creates a laughter in me.
I plunge within, you bark.

Krishna in every speck
Dances before my gaze.
Nothing save Him I see.
In me His rapture-blaze!

Who speaks now from afar?"
"I am Vivekananda's voice:
Hear with thy fathomless Calm
That shuns all earthly noise.

For days fifteen my words
In a ceaseless flow shall shine,
Speaking the truth august
Of experience divine."

SAI 17. (1956)