Beachcroft, C. R. Das, Aurobindo18

(At the Alipore Court)

"Aurobindo, my superior in Greek
And Latin in the I.C.S.
What tenebrous fate gives me the Judge's cap!
My silent friend, speak out your mind, surpass
All bars that hurl their gloom-weight round you now."

my friend of the past, I desire
No sorrow to burden your kindly heart.
I have the Power to sit on torture's fire.
If fight for freedom is crime, I stand
Guilty forever.
Why should I veil the truth?
To break our Mother's chain was my sole aim.
I want but justice, friend, and not your ruth."

"The lance of piercing truth shines in your lips.
Cloven, the cloud of ignorance is gone.
Aurobindo, matchless pride of this great land!
You are the history of the world's new dawn.

O Chitta Ranjan, triumph has clasped your brow.
From the sea of white-blue truth your prophecy is born.
Your eye has shown the world the diamond unknown.
Our friend Aurobindo is the deathless Morn."

SAI 18. (1956)