Question: Sometimes I think that Guru doesn't love me, the Supreme doesn't love me and my life is meaningless. Is there any way that I can make myself believe that there is a reason why the Supreme should love me?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a very serious mistake when you say, "Guru doesn't love me." You should think that your job is only to play your part. If Guru doesn't play his part, then you should feel that there is somebody who will play instead, and that is the Supreme. Feel that you will give Him all your divine love. If Guru is blind, if Guru is indifferent, then there is somebody else to play with. The Supreme is there, and He is far above Guru.

If you think the Supreme doesn't love you, you have to know that you are a real fool. It is the Supreme who has created love. The Creator has created love; He has created your very existence. It is like the gardener who has created a garden with many beautiful flowers. If a flower says, "No, no, he doesn't love me, he doesn't love me," is that not ridiculous? The very fact that the gardener has planted and cultivated the flowers — is this not his love?

Every moment, every moment, every moment, you have to feel that the Supreme does love you; otherwise, He would not have brought you into His world-creation. You would have remained in Heaven, in the soul's region.