Question: It appears to me from the short time I've been meditating with you that the love that comes to me through you, or through God, is conditional. It seems to depend on whether I meditate and aspire properly or not, and whether I am appreciating it.

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately, here you are making a mistake. Divine Love is not conditional; it does not depend on what you do. The reason you feel this way is because you do not empty your vessel. That is why you feel that love is conditional. When you empty your inner vessel, you will see that love is flowing through you, and you will feel that your vessel is full to the brim. God's Love does not depend on what you do except in this sense: If you keep the door wide open, then I can enter or the Highest can enter. But if you do not open your inner door and allow me or the highest Reality to enter into you, it is impossible.

Everything that comes from God is unconditional. His Love He gives unconditionally, but somebody has to receive it. The sunlight is unconditional; everybody can receive it. A farmer can receive sunlight and a king can receive it. But if the king is fast asleep, if he does not want to open up the windows and doors, then for him there is no sunlight.