Question: What is the easiest way to make my body, vital, mind and heart — every part of my being — irresistibly attracted to the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: Think of the sun and think of yourself as a pilgrim who is either running or flying towards the sun. Or you can imagine a sun inside you that is extremely, extremely beautiful — infinitely more beautiful and more powerful than the outer sun. Feel that as a pilgrim, you are running as fast as possible, and the faster you are running, the more beauty, the more power, the more light, the more affection, the more love, the more fondness you are seeing in the inner sun. The faster you are running towards the sun, the more its own divine qualities are increasing, and at the same time they are beckoning you. The inner sun has all these divine qualities: love, affection, sweetness, fondness, concern and so on. If you can see yourself as a pilgrim running towards the sun, you will be able to make the fastest progress. When you look at the morning sun, darkness disappears. At first the sun may be covered by clouds, but then it emerges from the clouds. Similarly, our human nature — our whole existence — has to come out of darkness. Then only can we make the fastest progress.