Question: Where is determination to be found? In which part of our being do we have to work on determination? Is it in the mind or the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Determination can be found inside the mind. With determination, you can try to do many things. You can have the determination that says: “I will do something good. I will do something great. All bad things I will give up.” But at any moment the determination that comes from the mind can be challenged by doubt, especially self-doubt. Then our determination is destroyed.

If you want to become a good person, a great person, or if you want to do something great, there is another way. That is the way of oneness. If you can identify yourself with something very strong, very powerful and very vast, then inside your oneness you will find all the positive qualities. When you use determination or will-power, you are entering into someone or something. Like a dagger, you are piercing into something. But the way of oneness is to just throw yourself into the vastness. I always say that when a drop enters into the ocean, it becomes infinite, boundless — that drop you will no longer see.

Problems can be solved permanently only by identifying yourself with something very strong, very powerful, very vast. Look at the sky. How much vastness it has! Look at the ocean. How much power it has! Just throw yourself into the vastness or into the power. This is the wisest way and this way is also permanent.