Question: There is a feeling at the moment that Australia and New Zealand should become one country. How do you feel about this?

Sri Chinmoy: I was reading a nice article the other day saying that for many, many years an Australian Prime Minister has not come to New Zealand. Now the present Australian Prime Minister recently paid a visit, and he was joking that because the New Zealand Prime Minister is so nice, he may come back again, at least for fishing!

Now, to come back to your question, the souls of Australia and New Zealand have already established their oneness. Even if they do not come together outwardly, their souls’ oneness will always be there. The souls are always trying to do the right thing and see the right thing in everybody and everything. Inwardly the souls inspire each other and then the results you see on the outer plane. The Australian Prime Minister has come here after so many years. Is that not a good sign?

Again, the seekers can increase the oneness between these two countries. If people who are great in one country — for example, if they are great singers or runners — can go to the other country and run or sing, it will definitely help, especially if they have some spirituality behind them. They do not have to speak about the glory of their own country. If they are spiritual, then their very presence will help to unite the two countries.

In this way, if some Australian runners or singers — anybody who is great in Australia who is also a seeker — comes to New Zealand, it will help tremendously and vice versa. Outwardly they will go to the other country as a runner or singer, but inwardly they are uniting not only New Zealand and Australia, but the whole world.