Part VI

SCA 1112-1118. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 9 August 1989 at Aspiration-Ground in New York.

Question: How can I have the Grace to be transformed radically?

Sri Chinmoy: You want to be transformed overnight? You want to be God-realised overnight? Then why did you go to kindergarten, high school and university? The day you started learning the alphabet, did you say, “Why do I have to learn the ABCs? Let me get my Master’s degree all at once.” It is not possible. We all must follow the process of evolution. As soon as you have sown the seed, do you ask, “How is it that the tree is not fully grown? How is it that I am not getting the most delicious fruit?”

Everything takes time. You start at the beginning by learning the alphabet. Then over the years, you study so many books. In the same way, if you want to be spiritually transformed overnight, it is impossible. So many incarnations you have taken, and so many more incarnations you will have to take before you achieve God-realisation.

Now you are walking along the right path — prayer and meditation. Then comes the question, “How can I go faster?” Every seeker can ask that question. But you cannot ask, “How am I going to reach the Destination all at once?” You can say, “I am walking. Now I want to run.” And if you are running, you can say, “I want to sprint.” Then somebody will come forward to teach you how to sprint. But nobody will be able to say that as soon as you start sprinting, the Destination will be right in front of your nose. No, the Destination is quite far. But definitely if you sprint and if you have the required stamina, you will reach the Destination much faster than otherwise.

In your case, in order to make faster progress, you can start with two things: your heart’s purity and your life’s gratitude. Every day pray to the Supreme to grant you more purity in your heart and more gratitude in your entire life. Your purity and gratitude will definitely increase your spiritual speed and expedite your spiritual journey. You have to make progress slowly and steadily, not overnight. God-realisation is not like instant coffee.

Outer knowledge takes many years for us to accumulate. Inner wisdom, which comes from our spiritual life, takes much longer because there is a great difference between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is of the mind, in the mind and for the mind. It can easily be contradicted. But wisdom-light cannot be contradicted. How are you going to contradict light? Can you contradict the sun? Light does not care for man’s validation. If we say that it is darkness, light just laughs because it knows that it is light itself.