Question: How can I feel God's Protection all the time?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to pray for God’s Protection. You cannot pray for twenty-four hours, but daily four or five times you can consciously pray for God’s Protection. And while you are praying for protection, you have to simultaneously pray for forgiveness. Protection comes quickly if you pray for forgiveness. Suppose you have done something wrong, either today, yesterday or ten years ago. If you want protection from God, God will say, “You want protection, but you have done a few things wrong. Have you asked Me for forgiveness?”

The best approach is to pray to God, “Please forgive me for the things that I have done wrong, and even for the things that I am going to do wrong tomorrow.” You have no control over the future. God may protect you today, but the next moment you may be tempted to do something wrong. If you ask for forgiveness first and then ask for protection, protection will come faster, plus it will be more effective.