Question: How will the world of science and reasoning understand spirituality?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to prove to those who are in the domain of science and the reasoning mind that peace is something valuable. We have to prove that what we are aiming at is what they want. To become peace-lovers and establish our oneness with all of humanity is the most significant goal. But unless we can prove it, who is going to believe us? If you are a weightlifter, for example, you have to prove that you can lift up 100 pounds. Otherwise, if you tell your friends, “I can easily lift up 100 pounds,” they will simply laugh at you. Only if you lift up 100 pounds in front of them will they believe you.

Similarly, if you are really a peace-lover, then in your eyes people have to see the proof. Spiritual Masters or saints are also human beings. But as soon as you look at them, you feel something special. As soon as you look at them, you become peaceful. Their vibration gives you such joy, such a feeling of love and oneness. Those who are genuine peace-lovers do not have to declare it. Their very presence will compel the reasoning mind to surrender. But if those who claim to be spiritual do not have inside them real spirituality and divinity, why should those who depend on the reasoning mind listen to them? First we have to become something. Then automatically people will feel it. When those who give all importance to the reasoning mind can feel in somebody else a higher power — which is inner peace, inner love, inner compassion and inner oneness — naturally their minds will be illumined.