Question: How can one overcome the desires of the lower vital?

Sri Chinmoy: Lower vital desires can be conquered only by the higher vital. The higher vital identifies itself with vastness. Vastness takes away temptation. When a lower vital thought comes to you, just look at the sky and say, “Give me shelter!” Then the sky will give you shelter. When temptation comes, identify yourself with vastness. Immediately imagine the sky or the ocean or a vast field. Then try to become inseparably one with it. With your imagination either you can fly into the sky, where the vastness takes away your impure thoughts, or you can feel that you are totally helpless. You will beg the sky, “O sky, I cannot run to you. Please come to me with your vastness!” Then, when the vastness comes near you, imagine a door that is wide open and enter into the vastness. Vastness will immediately purify you, illumine you and engulf your impurity.

Another thing you can do when a lower vital thought comes to you is to chant “Supreme” or “purity” as fast as possible for a minute or two.