Part III

SCA 1124-1129. These questions were asked at the San Francisco Centre, 25 November 1991.

Question: What should we do if we find ourselves becoming bored when we sit down to meditate and also just in our day-to-day life?

Sri Chinmoy: Use your imagination-power. Early in the morning, after you have meditated — not before your meditation — write down three absolutely new things that you have never done, you have never thought of. Then those three things will give you inspiration or a kind of challenge. It will create a sensation in your mind or in your being to do them. Meditate first. Many people do not meditate early in the morning, even though I have been begging and begging them. It is a very sad experience. So first things first. In the morning, meditate. After the meditation, use your imagination-power. Just write down, “Three things today I will try. I will make a fresh attempt.”

I am not saying that you have to accomplish these things in one day, no. It may take a few days or even longer to accomplish them. But you can make a start. Life is not boring to one who believes in adventure. Adventure does not mean that you have to climb up the tallest mountain. To allow new ideas, fresh ideas, healthy ideas to enter into your mind — that is adventure. And then you can work on them.