Question: How do we get rid of insecurity totally, so that it never comes back?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on faith, on belief. You have to believe in vastness, you have to have faith that the vastness is not going to destroy you. Look at a child’s faith in his father. The child is not even two feet tall, but the father is six feet tall and very robust, stout. The child is not afraid when he goes near the father because the child has established his inseparable oneness with his father. He goes to the father happily. He knows that his father is not going to give him a slap. On the contrary, his father will only pour affection, love, concern and fondness into him.

In our case, we have not yet developed our oneness with vastness or infinity. We are insecure for two reasons: either we want to go ahead of someone and we do not feel that we have the necessary capacity, or we feel that we are inferior to so-and-so. Insecurity starts when we are trying to go ahead of somebody else or we feel that we are behind someone and the whole world is looking at us and we have no way to proceed. Why should we proceed? We have to feel that people who are going ahead of us are carrying us in the depths of their hearts.

If I am a little child, I feel that my father’s heart is carrying me although I may be unable to walk side by side with him. So do not be afraid of the vastness or enormity; do not feel that somebody has more capacity than you do or somebody is greater, no. We have to feel our oneness with the mightier capacity of other individuals. That is the only way we can get rid of insecurity totally.