Question: We encourage parents to come to the school and even assist us in teaching the children. Do you agree with that approach?

Sri Chinmoy: I am so happy to hear that the parents come and help you. The parents have such big hearts, good hearts, that they join you. Here parents are teachers and you are teachers. It is a joint effort. You are helping their children and they are also helping their children to make progress. Parents here like the teachers, they feel they can talk to the teachers, so they come and assist you. In other schools this does not happen.

Transcendence is the supreme blessing that the divine children at the Oneness-Family School are going to learn from their dear teachers. Each teacher at this school is a giver of the self, sleeplessly and unconditionally, to the Will of the Supreme. My heart of love and my life of gratitude I am offering to all the soulful teachers at the Oneness-Family School.