Part IX

SCA 1146-1147.These questions were asked on 4 December 1989 in New York.

Question: Are there some very advanced seekers in Germany who are inwardly looking for a spiritual path?

Sri Chinmoy: Only this much I can say: many, many souls in Germany are awakened for the spiritual life. And a new push, a tremendous push they have got from the inner world since November 9th.10 An additional push the German soul has offered to all the Germans. Whether they were previously awakened or unawakened, this push was applied to everybody. It is like the sun. The sun shines for everybody. Some people take advantage of it and some people do not. So this new awakening, new push, the soul of Germany has blessingfully offered to each and every German. Some will definitely make use of it, while others will not. Those who are making use of it, who are soulfully using the blessing, will definitely make very special progress. Under the guidance of their own inner beings or a spiritual Master, these souls will make a tremendous contribution to the body, heart and soul of their country, Germany.

SCA 1146,1 9 November 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall.