Question: When our team was mountain climbing recently, we had quite a few conflicts of personality among the different members.

Sri Chinmoy: Individuality and personality will ultimately disappear in our universality, but first we have to know our individuality. If we do not know that we have something undivine inside us, then why should we become divine? If we are already perfect, what is the use of spending hours and hours crying for God-realisation?

Just because we have not realised God, we are crying for God-realisation. Just because you are imperfect, you are crying for perfection. Just because you have ego, personality, you are trying to illumine it. The sooner our shortcomings come to the fore, the better! Otherwise, these shortcomings lie dormant in our consciousness and it may take quite a few centuries for us to illumine them.

So whenever you notice undivine forces in yourself, do not be disappointed. On the contrary, be grateful to the Supreme that they are coming out. It is very painful, but they are coming out. Once they are out, we are totally free. If these forces come — personality, ego, jealousy and so forth — do not be frightened, do not be disappointed. Feel it is another opportunity.

I had a friend who used to say that each obstacle, each hurdle in life, is an opportunity if it is taken as such. Otherwise, if undivine forces remain inside us, they are secret enemies. God alone knows when they will strangle us. If we see the problem right in front of us, we can change; but if it is deep inside, we do not see it. Then, in an unconscious moment, these forces can destroy us.

So let them come up. Do not worry when these problems arise. Let us fight to the end. Our Inner Pilot is bound to illumine us. Only feel that you are all of the same Source, you are all of the Supreme and for the Supreme. Feel that all the members of your team are like the notes in the scale. Each one is significant; each one represents real wealth. When you sing, you have to use all the notes. Then only will you have a beautiful song. All are necessary. So here also, think of yourself not as an individual, but as a note. Each note has the utmost importance.

Sometimes we have to accomplish something individually, at other times collectively. When we accomplish something individually, it does not mean that we can look down on others. We should not think, “I can do this. Others cannot do it.” No. We should think, “I, as an individual, have got the opportunity to show my capacity. But I know that it is the Supreme in me, not anybody else, who is showing His Capacity.”

And if somebody else has the opportunity to do something extraordinary, try to feel that the Supreme in you and the Supreme in him are the same Person. In this way, individuality has to surrender to capacity. If an individual does something, please feel that he is an extension of your own existence. He is part and parcel of your consciousness. You can go even further and try to feel that it is you who have done it. We have two hands. We can use one hand and let the other take rest or both hands together can play the game. In this way we establish oneness.

My divine pride I am offering to each member of this group. Physical brothers appear and disappear, but spiritual brothers remain together eternally. Unlike human friends and human brothers, spiritual brothers are Eternity’s friends.