Part VII

SCA 1188-1201. Questions asked at Los Angeles Airport on 3 July 1989.

Question: Could you please speak about bad habits?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know which bad habits are very powerful or prominent in your life. Somebody may be in the habit of telling lies; another person smokes and drinks. These are all bad habits. For each bad habit, you have to feel or imagine what is going to happen eventually or what is happening inside you now.

When we look at the moon, we see how beautiful it is. Again, when it is overcast, the beauty of the moon we do not see. Our lungs are so beautiful and pure, like the moon. But once you start smoking and drinking, what happens? Their beauty and purity are ruined.

Again, if someone is in the habit of telling lies, he creates so many problems for others. When you stand in front of that person for two minutes, what kind of wisdom and illumination will you receive? A saint on the other hand is always blessingfully saying the correct thing and doing the right thing. If you stand in front of him, you will receive his blessings, affection, love and so forth.

Being seekers, at every moment we have to know what is going to help us and what is going to take us away, far, farther, farthest from God. Once we know what is carrying us to God and what is taking us away, it is infinitely easier for us to give up bad habits.