Question: What is the spiritual meaning of the colour blue?

Sri Chinmoy: From the spiritual point of view, the colour blue has several meanings. First of all, blue signifies the vastness of Infinity. Human beings are full of worry, jealousy, fear, doubt and various other negative qualities, which constantly bind us. At the same time, deep within us we have vastness. When we look at the vast sky or the vast ocean, we feel our own inner vastness. Through prayer and meditation we are able to free ourselves from our fears, worries and other limitations and become one with the vastness inside ourselves.

Blue can also be the predominant colour of a person’s aura. Each human being has an aura. It is through our aura that we manifest our divinity. Ordinary people who do not pray and meditate have only one aura. But people who pray and meditate and become spiritually developed are blessed by God with more than one aura.

I have been praying and meditating since my childhood. So God, out of His infinite Compassion, has blessed me with quite a few auras. But the most important and most significant aura, in my case, is blue. It is through this colour in particular that I offer my peace, joy, love and goodwill to mankind.