Part II

SCA 1231-1233. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions in Sanya, China, on 26 November 2004.

Question: Before the ultra race that I did last September, I was wondering what we are supposed to do, as runners, during the race. A marathon is only a few hours long, but an ultra race is days and days. I feel it is very important, as a disciple, to still follow our discipline —- to read, to sing, to meditate —- but it is very difficult to do the same things as usual. Do you have something to say about it?

Sri Chinmoy: The best thing is to invoke the Presence of the Supreme in your speed or in your run. Invoke His Presence, Blessings and Guidance. That is all. If you cannot imagine the Supreme’s Face in Heaven or in the skies, just imagine a Being who is very, very beautiful.

If that does not satisfy you, you can think of my smiles, of how many times I have smiled at you. I am not the Supreme, no, no, no. You and I are all disciples of the Supreme. But since you do not know who the Supreme is — we all do not know — the easiest and most effective thing is to imagine my smile. You do know me. My name is Sri Chinmoy, Chinmoy Kumar Ghose. Countless times I have smiled at you over the years. If you can sincerely feel or see, or even imagine, the smiles that I have offered to you over the years, it is bound to take away some of your fatigue. The pain will be less and the joy that you will get will increase your speed. Then you will be able to continue and continue. So whether it is one mile or twenty miles, just try to imagine my smile.

Some people, while running, think of their rivals. From this approach they get a certain animal energy, but this animal energy does not help. They may stumble or fall. They will find that everything goes wrong. Again, others get angry with someone and speak ill of that person. They feel that when they get angry, their blood will circulate faster and give them more energy.

But for my disciples, my smile has tremendous power. When I smile, it comes from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head. Believe it or not, my smile has even cured the fatal diseases of some disciples. Only by remembering my smiles — at which place I smiled at them, on what occasion and so forth — they have had miraculous results. They knew it was not the medical world, but my smile, that cured them.

If I give somebody a smile, a sincere smile, that smile embodies tremendous divine power, divine will-power, and if you can imagine that that smile has already entered into your inner being, then that smile is the medicine of medicines.

If you cannot remember any other smile that I have given you during the entire year, at least remember the smile that I gave you on your birthday. Towards the end of your birthday meditation, for the last few seconds when I smile at you, at that time I pour and pour my love, affection, sweetness, fondness and power into you. If you are not receptive, if you are a solid wall thinking of somebody else or something else, what can I do? But if you can remember those moments, and if you are in your own highest consciousness, then it is like saving money in the bank. At any time during the year you can withdraw from your heart-bank.

So, dear ones, I beg of you, please take my powerful smiles very, very seriously. My smiles embody tremendous divine power.

Now I wish to tell you a funny story about my smile. I was living at that time in Manhattan, near Gracie Mansion. The apartment was on the fifth floor and there was no elevator. I used to go up and down the stairs practically dancing. I never walked. I was always running, running, running, as exercise. Whether I was going to work at the Indian Consulate, or coming back from work, or going shopping, it was always the same.

The landlady was very kind-hearted. She became my disciple and she stayed with us for many years. On many occasions she did not accept rent money from me. She tried very hard to improve my English pronunciation. Then she gave up! She wanted me to speak in the American style. Alas, alas, I never learnt.

She had a friend and that friend came to our apartment a few times to meditate. He was a strong, stout man with a very kind heart. One day he wanted to have a private interview with me. In those days I used to give many, many private interviews. It was about 7:30 in the morning and my landlady telephoned me. I was about to go to the Indian consulate. She told me that her friend had a serious problem. He needed an interview that would only last for ten minutes or so, perhaps even less.

I was always punctual when I worked at the Indian Consulate. I used to arrive even before the actual hour. I was the first one to arrive in the Passport and Visa section. On that particular morning, I was coming down as usual, running and jumping. I saw both of them, my landlady and her friend, standing at the bottom of the stairs. The man wanted to tell me his problems and I had such compassion for him. Had it been some other time, I would definitely have granted him an interview, as I had done a few times before. But on this occasion, I just smiled at him and literally ran away. I entered into the street and walked to the Indian Consulate.

Afterwards, I felt miserable. If I had been late to the office by a few minutes, perhaps nothing would have happened.

That same evening, after I returned home, my landlady came and knocked at my door.

I asked her, “What happened to your friend?”

Then she gave me a ten dollar bill.

I said, “What is this for?”

She explained, “My friend had a very serious problem. He wanted to tell you his problem, but you smiled at him and then you ran away. But when you smiled at him, he felt something inside him, something very important. Your smile took away all his problems. So he gave me ten dollars for you.”

I simply said, “Good!”

I knew nothing about his problems. Even today I do not know what his problem was. So sometimes you do not have to know the problem because God knows everything, the Supreme knows. The Supreme smiled in and through me. Through my smile, He solved the problems of that man.