Questioner: For example, sometimes I bring her some medication, and she tells me, "Wait a little bit." Then she meditates and, after a few minutes, she may say to me, "Today I cannot take this medication. After three or four days I will take it." Like this, very precise answers she gives me. Sometimes she says, "Not now, but on the 13th of the month I can take it."

Sri Chinmoy: What is wrong with that? If she hears the inner message and she gets joy from the inner message and takes the medicine after a few days, let her do it. But if there is a conflict between the message and the feeling that she is getting, then she should not do it. When she is feeling or hearing that after a few days she should take the medicine, her immediate response has to be happiness.

May I ask, is this lady an artist also? Does she paint?

Questioner: Yes, she does a little painting on the computer.

Sri Chinmoy: Because as I am talking to you, I am seeing her soul, and her soul gave me this information.