Part IV

SCA 1235-1236. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions in Sanya, China, on 27 November 2004.

Question: In your writings, you have said that it is unspiritual to borrow anything, and I was wondering if you could please elaborate on that. In one of your poems, you say that God has not learnt the clever art of borrowing, unlike us.

Sri Chinmoy: Is it not self-explanatory? We borrow right and left. But God does not borrow. We borrow with the hope or with the intention — the sincere or insincere intention — to return the thing in question. In God’s case, God never borrows. He gives and gives. We give with the hope that we will get something back in return, but God does not believe in borrowing because He knows there is nothing for Him to get from human beings. And also, if He takes something from human beings, then He does not have to return it. This is the thing.

For us, it is like bartering. I borrow from you; you borrow from me. But this is a clever art. Most of the time, when we borrow things, we do not return them. This is an art that we have learnt. But poor God did not want to learn that art.

Third Person: Actually, the poem is,

God just gives and gives.
He does not take.
He has not even learnt
The clever art of borrowing.

Sri Chinmoy: So my poem explained everything. Can you imagine!