Part V

SCA 1237-1241. Questions asked on 4 December 2004 in Sanya, China.

Question: The other day you asked us to concentrate on conquering jealousy and insecurity. I was wondering if one way to do that would be not to focus so much on the thought, "I must get rid of my jealousy", but to invoke its opposite, to think of oneness or some other divine quality.

Sri Chinmoy: Very good! By using the term ‘jealousy’, you can again pollute your mind. You are saying that by not thinking of jealousy, by not paying any attention to it, you can pay all attention to oneness, oneness, oneness. That is one approach.

But, according to me, that is not the easiest way. You have to take jealousy as your enemy. Then you can pray to God, “God, give me the capacity to conquer my enemy.”

Jealousy-needle is sticking into you, so how can you say, “No, I have no needle”? If you look this side, you are not seeing it, but jealousy-needle is still on the other side. So you are only fooling yourself. The first thing you have to do is to take the needle out of your leg. Then you can talk about oneness, oneness.

When I am pinched with hunger, first let me feed myself. Otherwise, how can I talk about satisfaction? If I have hunger, I have to fulfil my hunger and then I shall get satisfaction. By simply repeating, “I am satisfied, I am satisfied”, am I going to solve my problem? The problem is hunger. By eating food, I am solving my hunger. But by saying, “No, no, I am all right, I am all right. I am not complaining”, you are not solving the problem. After some time, when you look at the reality, you will see that you are pinched with hunger. So first conquer the hunger, then talk about satisfaction. Otherwise, to talk about satisfaction without eating is like putting the cart before the horse!

Similarly, in the case of jealousy, insecurity and other undivine qualities, first solve the immediate problem. The immediate problem can be solved by praying to God, “Give me the capacity to conquer my enemy.”

We have to take jealousy and insecurity as our enemies. Unfortunately, we cherish them. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred we cherish them, and one time we are eager, or we are ready — not even eager — to conquer them. Anything in our nature that prevents our fastest progress, any quality within us that takes away our inner joy, has to be taken as an enemy.

When you are sick and the case is very serious, you go to the emergency room. At that time, you do not wait at home in the hope that the doctor will come and take care of you. When you are being attacked by jealousy or insecurity, it is exactly the same. That is not the time to become a philosopher and say, “O God, kindly illumine these qualities so that they know they are taking away all my joy.” No, no, no! The best way is to immediately pray to God to conquer them, to destroy them.

If you only want to see the opposite side, the positive qualities, you can try that. By looking at the light, you will not see the darkness. But can you keep your eyes focussed on the light all the time? No. After five minutes, you will turn your neck this side or that side. Then you will try to show off and turn it a little more. You will say, “Look, I have the capacity to turn my neck to the extreme!” Then you are caught.

Here I have given you the easiest way. Always, where there is a problem, solve the problem by throwing it out of your nature. Otherwise, you can fool yourself. If it is raining heavily, first we have to pray to God, “Please stop the rain! It is so dark. Do stop the rain.” Then our second prayer will be, “Let the sun be visible again.” But the first problem is to stop the rain. That is not the time to say, “Let the sun again come and burst forth!”