Question: When our body is wounded in some way, the body's response is to develop a scar. Usually, the area of the scar has less feeling; it is tough and inflexible. If we develop inner scars as the result of some painful life experience, is there a way to remove them?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us say there is a white board. Somebody has taken a darker than the darkest black pen and written on it. When you look at the board properly, you will see that you cannot separate the dark letters from it. The dark letters have become part and parcel of the white board. Now, what do you do? You need something to wipe the board with. With a piece of cloth, you wipe it, and the pitch-black ink disappears.

When something painful happens in the inner world, we have to remove it the same way we do with the writing on the board. There should not remain any scar. If we can use the tears of our heart, the bleeding and streaming tears of our heart, then we can erase the painful experience.

First you see the dark letters against the white board, but when you erase them, do you see any mark? In exactly the same way, when we use the tears of our heart to erase something in the inner world, no scar will remain inside us.