Question: This morning you said, "Those who sincerely pray will never want to be on their own." I was wondering if that is because when we sincerely pray, we always enjoy God's Company.

Sri Chinmoy: It is the same thing. Those who sincerely pray will not want to be on their own because they will always feel that Somebody will take care of them. If I sincerely pray, I will have the feeling, “What do I know, as an individual? I will always make mistakes. As soon as I open my mouth, I will say something wrong. As soon as I do something, I will do something wrong. If I am on my own, I am prone to make mistakes at every moment. Like a child, I do not want to walk alone because I see darkness all around and I am frightened.”

When a little child is alone, the mother or the father comes to accompany the child so that the child will not be frightened. Here also, if we can have the feeling that Somebody is beckoning us, or Somebody deep within is inspiring us and guiding us, then we shall be safe.

While walking along Eternity’s Road, at one point perhaps you will have to choose whether to go left or right. To the left if you go on your own, there will be snakes. On the right, there will be tigers. But if you see that Somebody else will take the responsibility for your life because you are praying to that Person and meditating on that Person, and if the Person is with you as Guide, then even if you take the wrong turn, He will protect you.

As human beings, we always make the wrong decisions. Only the mind will say that we made the right decision. Ninety-nine out of one hundred times, the decisions that the mind makes are all wrong. Again, sometimes it happens that the heart makes the decision to become one with God’s Will. Then the mind secretly comes to know about it and the mind takes the credit. Otherwise, the mind discards the heart’s wisdom at every moment.