Question: Sometimes, when you get called for a special inner problem, I have observed you touching your third eye. I am curious as to what you are doing at this time.

Sri Chinmoy: I do not need to tap my third eye in order to open it up! No, it is not like that. I am not playing tabla on my forehead! I place my will-power there and immediately my third eye opens up. But sometimes if I have to enter with my physical body into the gross physical world — not the vital world or the psychic world — in order to do something, then I do it. I am going from the physical to the physical. Again, if I massage my third eye all of a sudden, those who are around me will be more attentive. They will think, “O my God, Guru is doing something serious inwardly,” which is true. Then they will be more alert. They will try to be more careful or conscious. That also helps me. Otherwise, they will be talking and moving around.