Question: Can you turn off all your inner vision faculties and just see the world as we mere mortals see it? Or do you constantly see all these other layers all at once?

Sri Chinmoy: Spiritual Masters can see them all at once. It is like what you call bleachers. The first, second, third, fourth rows and so on are all at different heights. If you want to cover them all at once, you can. Again, if those who are in the fourth row are more receptive, then the Master has to pay more attention to them.

Usually I am doing more than one thing at a time. Even when I am on stage during my concerts, I go from one plane to another. I am going up, up, up. If I see that one particular plane is more receptive, then when I am coming down, I go there. I hold my consciousness at that place for a few seconds so that I can give more. Sometimes two planes will offer so much receptivity. They do not have to be on the physical plane. My subtle consciousness has gone much higher than the level you are on when you are seated on the chair. At that time, I will not see even an iota of darkness because I am embodying the light and I am seeing this light reflected all around, like in a mirror. When I am in my highest, absolutely no world darkness can enter into me or be near me.

Then I try to be of service to the audience. I am bringing down light and here somebody will be receptive and twenty metres further away somebody else will be receptive. You cannot say that all the people in one area will be receptive — no, no, no. One will be receptive and five or six will be in a very unaspiring consciousness. The ones who are sincere and aspiring will definitely feel something. For those two or three minutes when I stand up before we start and again after I finish the concert, I try to give so much, so much, especially to people who are praying and meditating sincerely from the beginning to the end. They receive so much.

Then the question is, “How do you know they receive? How do you know that you are getting any result from your concerts?” Spiritual Masters know these things occultly. I know that the inspiration, joy and love that I pour into so many human beings lasts. The audience members start to value their own spirituality. They do not have to value the light they felt in me, no. They value, plus they create and develop, their own inner hunger to pray to God, to meditate on God. For two weeks or three months or even much longer they try to become a good person. Previously perhaps it was out of the question for them to pray to God. They had their own life, smoking, drinking and so forth. But when they attend the concert, they get a kind of fresh inspiration. That inspiration or light that has entered into them takes positive action. After some time, they may again return to their former lives, but they get an opportunity to become a better, more divine person. So that is the help that we give to them.