Part III

SCA 135-147. On 24 April 1993, Sri Chinmoy met with Russell Wilson, who was then Staff Director of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Asian and Pacific Affairs. This informal conversation took place at Annam Brahma Restaurant in Queens, New York.

Russell Wilson: I want to tell you that I felt that I had to see you. I read one of your books and some of your poems. I found them to be very inspiring. I felt that I needed to see you so I could learn from you.

Sri Chinmoy: I am very grateful to you for your kind letter. I understand that you have been practising meditation for a few years. I am very proud of you — of your mind's sincerity, clarity and luminosity and your heart's genuine love of God. Yours is a life of purity and self-giving oneness with the world of aspiration. For the few minutes that I was meditating with you here, I saw that you were very receptive. You have received what the divine within me wanted to offer you. For that I am very happy, very proud of you and very grateful to you.