Russell Wilson: How do I go to the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Do not feel that you have to go to the heart. Only feel that you are the heart. We use the term `heart-garden’. Inside our heart-garden are all our divine qualities. They are like beautiful and fragrant flowers. First, repeat to yourself, “I am inside my heart-garden.” Try to see and feel all the beautiful flowers there. Then say, “I am my heart-garden. All the divine flowers inside my heart-garden are part and parcel of my own self.” Up until now you have established your oneness with the reality that you see in your outer life. But now you want to establish your oneness with the dearest and purest existence of yours, which is your inner life, the life of your heart.

When you are meditating, if you happen to look at your shoulder or your knee, please say to yourself, “This is my heart.” If you have a good thought during your meditation, then immediately inside that good thought try to feel the existence of your heart. But if you have a wrong thought, an uninspiring thought, immediately discard it. Have nothing to do with that kind of thought.

[There is a long, silent pause as Sri Chinmoy meditates.]

You have a very beautiful heart. I am not flattering you. Your heart’s inner cry is very genuine. The more you can cry for God and shed streaming tears for God, the more your outer life will be able to shine and smile. Your outer existence has to be founded upon your inner existence — not the other way around. The inner existence is like the seed. The seed is inside you, inside the very depths of your heart-garden. So let us see how the seed germinates into a plant and then into a huge tree with most beautiful flowers and most delicious fruits.