Question: Is God's Compassion for man diminishing over time?

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme is not like the sun! The scientists say that in a few years, or God knows how many years, the sun will melt and there will be no warmth or light; they say that it is losing its power. A human being can jump high when he is young, but he loses his capacity when he grows old. A man has plenty of wavy hair when he is young but becomes bald later in life. But the Supreme is not like that!

According to Indian tradition, if you have a wide forehead, it is an auspicious sign. One day I was doing the long jump and a friend of mine said to me, "Oh, you will become very great! You have such a wide forehead." So I went and told my sister Ahana, "I will become very great." She said, "Yes, yes, wait for another ten years and you will see what it means. In ten years you will lose all your hair!" In her loving way, she threw such cold water on me!

If I have a dollar and give it to you, then I have nothing. That is what happens on the outer plane. But God's Capacity is different; it is like wisdom. If you give wisdom to somebody, you do not lose it. On the contrary, you gain more. When the teacher teaches his students, he does not lose his capacity; he only increases and increases it. Similarly, the Supreme's Capacity does not decrease at all. At every second the Supreme is increasing His Capacity, whether it is Compassion or Forgiveness or anything else. It is always increasing, increasing, but we are not aware of it.

While we are meditating, if we can dive deep within even for a few seconds, we can enter into the Universal Consciousness and become the universe. If in two or three seconds we can become vaster than the vastest, do you think that the Supreme Himself, who is Lord of the Universe, cannot also expand? If I can become good by doing the right thing, if I can increase my inner love, inner light and other qualities, then is it not possible for the Supreme also to transcend Himself? Infinity is not a mere dictionary word. Infinity is all self-expansion. In the Supreme's case, every second is Self-expansion, Self-revelation and Self-manifestation.