Part III

SCA 279-282. Questions asked in Myanmar in January 1995.

Question: It seems as though man today is only explaining things. When is that going to stop?

Sri Chinmoy: Explanations are needed because we are using the mind instead of the heart. The mind gets satisfaction when something is explained, but why do we need this kind of satisfaction? If I drink milk, I do not need a milk specialist to tell me it tastes good and gives me strength. If I am holding a flower and appreciating its beauty, I do not care to know the scientific explanation of why the flower is beautiful and fragrant. I can be fully satisfied just enjoying the beauty and fragrance of the flower.

Especially in the spiritual life, explanations are only a waste of precious time. The person who wants to explain is a fool and the person who wants to have something explained is equally a fool. The spiritual life starts with faith, and faith does not need any kind of outer demonstration or justification. Each time we try to explain or have something explained, we are only feeding the reasoning mind. But God does not operate with the reasoning mind.

It is like dribbling a football. Let us say I have been dribbling all the time with my left foot, so the goalkeeper thinks that I will use my left foot to try to score a goal. But I only pretend to use the left; I actually score with the right. The goalkeeper is all the time preparing for a left-footed kick, and then I score with the right. Similarly, if our expectation-mind is following the ball, we will never be ready for what happens.

God is playing a game with us in exactly the same way. If we try to use our mind, we will be lost because God is not bound by the mind. He is not bound in any way, and He wants us also to be like that. When a child is running, he gets joy by running a little to this side and a little to that side in a zig-zag way, and God is nothing else if not an Eternal Child.