Question: Sometimes the world lowers my consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy: That is why people remain inside the Himalayan caves. As soon as they come to the village to have a glass of milk or a few fruits, they say their consciousness descends. So they are ready to remain without milk or fruit and give their body to God. But that is not our philosophy. We feel that meditation and the spiritual life are like a boat. Because we are in the boat, we are not affected by the water. If our meditation is really solid, if we can meditate soulfully and powerfully for two hours each day, then definitely the power of our meditation will keep us safe.

But during meditation if we think of tomorrow’s breakfast or of who insulted us, then that kind of meditation will be useless. The clock will say that we have meditated for three hours, but during those three hours we have gone to so many peculiar lands and mixed with so many people! If we count how many thoughts we had during our meditation, we will be shocked. So our highest meditation may not be enough. It may be the highest for us, but it is not the kind of silent meditation that advanced seekers have, not to speak of spiritual Masters. If I am a pole vaulter, it is not enough to reach my highest; I have to reach Olympic standard or world champion standard. I have to come to a certain height.