Part II

SCA 324-328. Questions and answers drawn from remarks Sri Chinmoy made in the spring of 1996 to his disciples who work at the United Nations.

Question: With all the unwise things being done at the United Nations, do you still feel that it can be an instrument for world peace?

Sri Chinmoy: In matters of world peace, for me the United Nations is still by far the best divine instrument — no matter how many unaspiring workers are there and no matter how many unwise things are being done every day by those who are in the United Nations, with the United Nations and for the United Nations — right from the highest to the lowest. If the United Nations fails completely, then I do not think any world organisation or institution will ever succeed. The dream of the United Nations, the vision of the United Nations, the reality of the United Nations came from the Highest, the Absolute Highest. For the establishment of world peace, UN the temple, UN the shrine, UN the heart and UN the soul are unparalleled. The United Nations is not a mere building; the United Nations is a reservoir of divine Light for the manifestation of world peace. Then again, it can be something else altogether if the instruments do not do the right thing and do not want to become the right persons. If the instruments are unwilling, then what can the poor Inner Pilot of the United Nations do?