Question: When we die, will we see you?

Sri Chinmoy: When my close disciples leave the body, they will be able to see me in this body — with this form, with this face. Or I may send one of my representatives — one of my inner beings who will assume my face, my eyes, everything of mine. At that time you may be uttering the word ‘Supreme’, but this body, this face, this form will appear before you because the Supreme is sending me. My Highest is the Supreme and your Highest is the Supreme. But at the eleventh hour, if you are sincerely praying to the Supreme either to cure you or to take you back to Him, this face and this body you will see. Whether you see me wearing my track suit, my Indian garments or my shorts, you are bound to see me.

Some of my close disciples already have died. During a dream if they come to you, you can ask them, “Did Guru come? Did Guru come to take you?” I assure you, Guru did come, even if Guru on the physical plane was perhaps playing tennis at that time. I have so many inner beings, and I assure you that one of my beings took my form exactly and carried the person from this world to the other world. Again, I have to say that this experience is not for all, not for all.

But in every case, when somebody dies the Supreme always sends some emissary; you may call it an angel. Sometimes many beings come. Sometimes the being, out of compassion, will take the form of the departing soul’s dearest one on earth — whether it was his father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife. The dearest one may not even be in Heaven; he or she may already have taken a new incarnation in Australia or Africa. But if the departing person is very sincerely crying while going to the other world, and if he is afraid of death, the being whom the Supreme sends can take the exact face and form of his mother or father, or somebody who was very close to him. If the person who is leaving this world sees that his mother has come to take him somewhere, how can he be afraid? He will feel that he is going to a very safe place and he will not be alarmed.