If we use the heart, we know what forgiveness is.

So, I have prayed and meditated. I have tried to be of service to you all, outwardly and inwardly. And I am very, very grateful to you all for having given me this golden opportunity to be of service to the God-seekers, the God-servers and the God-lovers in you.

Now I wish to read out a prayer which I gave yesterday. This prayer the mind may not understand, but the heart will definitely understand the meaning and significance of the prayer. Some people use the word ‘God’, but I prefer ‘Supreme’. A father is ‘Daddy’ to his children, he is ‘Mister’ to his employees and he is addressed by his friends in a different way. If he is a high court judge, people will address him as ‘Your Honour’. So, my favourite way of addressing God is ‘Supreme’. I use the name ‘Supreme’ instead of ‘God’. I get much more joy when I use this name. A child gets much more joy when he calls his father ‘Daddy’ than he gets when he addresses his father the way his father’s friends address him. Similarly, when I use the name ‘Supreme’, I get much more joy than otherwise.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Your Newness does not satisfy me.
Your Oneness does not satisfy me.
Your Fulness does not satisfy me.
Only Your Forgiveness satisfies me.
Your Forgiveness satisfies me fully,
Integrally and eternally.
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

If we use the heart, we know what forgiveness is. As soon as I am forgiven by the Highest Absolute, I am fully satisfied. Otherwise, this moment I am fully identified with the Supreme, but then my sense of identification goes away. Even if He shows me something new, even if He shows me His Oneness, His Infinity, His Immortality or His Eternity, I may not be satisfied. But when I see that He has forgiven me, I get boundless joy. At that time I feel I have really become the manifestation of His Will. If we use the mind, we will never understand this message. But if we use the heart, immediately we will feel the meaning of it.

[To one of the seekers, who is a disciple of the Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan]: I have the deepest appreciation, admiration, adoration, love and love and love for my dearest Brother-Friend Pir, Pir Vilayat Khan. He and I have established such oneness, inseparable oneness, both in the inner world and in the outer world. I offered him a name: Saumitra. It means friend, universal friend, good, divine, perfect friend, a friend of universal consciousness. Many years ago I went to his place with my students, and my students sang a song that I had composed for him. Pir Vilayat and I have established our oneness-heart, our oneness-soul and our oneness-life-reality. Recently he has sent me his blessingful love.