Part II

SCA 353-359. On 10 December 1998, at the University of Hawaii's Thomas Jefferson Hall, Sri Chinmoy invited each of the children singers who were present to ask him a question in honour of the birthday of a member of their singing group.

Question: When I am in trouble inwardly, and I do not feel strong enough to fight whatever form ignorance is taking at that time, is it enough to cry physically to the Supreme and let Him do it for me?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, it is absolutely the right thing! If somebody attacks you in the street and you cannot fight, then immediately you cry for someone who is very, very strong, or for your dear one. Your dearest is the Supreme. If you are in inner trouble — if you are in any trouble, inner or outer — you have to cry for the Supreme. That is what everybody has to do. With our human power, what can we do? We can achieve nothing, nothing, nothing. Even when an insect bites, we start crying and crying. We have to pray and pray. Then that higher power comes to our rescue.

That is very good. You are doing the right thing by invoking the Supreme, crying to the Supreme for help. That is the thing that everybody has to do.